What do I do in this protocol?

This protocol measures the surface temperature using a simple digital thermometer.

In this process you will:
1) Identify a site.
2) Use an infrared thermometer to take nine measurements.
3) Obtain an average of the measurements.
4) Make a series of cloud/sky observations to add with your surface temperature data.
4) Submit your data to GLOBE.gov.

What do I need to participate?

A site with a homogenous surface area (e.g., a grass lawn, a beach, a parking area without cars that cast shadows). Once you have chosen a site the first step is to tell us about your site.  A site with a large homogenous area is more visible to a satellite in space.

An infrared thermometer:  You can buy the standard instrument here.  Youth groups or individual youth participants can apply to receive a free one here.

A computer or phone:  You will enter data using this data form.  You will need access to the internet to do that.  [Make the form a bookmark so you can return easily!]

How do I do it?
This video makes learning the protocol simple.  Questions that will arise can be asked at smap@scistarter.com

Surface Temperature from Sheri Potter on Vimeo.