What do I do in this protocol?

This protocol measures precipitation whether in the form or rain or snow.

In this process you will:
1) Identify a site.
2) Mount a metric rain gauge.
3) Measure the amount of rain, or snow, that falls.
4) Submit your data to GLOBE.gov.

What do I need to participate?

A place to mount your rain gauge: The rain gauge needs to be mounted in a place that will be fairly “free standing“.   The key is that we don’t want rain to bounce into the gauge from nearby surfaces or to be obscured by trees or buildings above.  The site must also allow for the gauge to be mounted with two screws so that it doesn’t tip over with wind or get knocked over accidentally.  Once you have chosen a site and mounted your gauge, the first step is to tell us about your site.

A metric rain gauge:  You can buy the standard rain gauge here.  Youth groups or individual youth participants can apply to receive a free one here.

A computer or phone:  You will enter data using this data form.  You will need access to the internet to do that.  [Make the form a bookmark so you can return easily!]

How do I do it?
This video makes learning the protocol simple.  Questions that will arise can be asked at smap@scistarter.com

Precipitation from Sheri Potter on Vimeo.

Photo credit: The cover image on this page came from the Weather Wiz Collection, view the website to learn more about weather of all kinds!