Three partners have come together to make it possible for any individual, organization or community group to join us in collecting data to inform this research:the GLOBE Implementation Office, SciStarter and YLACES.

Because of this partnership, there are three ways you may want to participate in this program:

  • you can participate by yourself as an individual;
  • you can lead a group in participation;
  • or your organization can serve as a host site that engages others in participation.

All three of the participation methods have benefits and opportunities.  As you review this site, consider which type of participation is the best fit for you.

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SciStarter brings together the millions of citizen scientists in the world; the thousands of potential projects offered by researchers, organizations, and companies; and the resources, products, and services that enable citizens to pursue and enjoy these activities. We:

  • Enable and encourage people to learn about, participate in, and contribute to science through both informal recreational activities and formal research efforts.
  • Inspire greater appreciation and promote a better understanding of science and technology among the general public.
  • Create a shared space where scientists can talk with citizens interested in working on or learning about their research projects.
  • Satisfy the popular urge to tinker, build, and explore by making it simple and fun for people—singles, parents, grandparents, kids—to jump in and get their hands dirty with science.

If you find that you enjoy working on these projects, SciStarter will help you continue to participate in science through your lifetime.  Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Actress by day — citizen scientist by night!

Why participate?
The data collected, and research opportunities presented by the GLOBE initiative, strengthen publicly funded scientific research on how critical indicators of our Earth’s environment are changing.  Scientists use this data to inform their understanding how the El Nino patterns are changing.

What are the research protocols?
GLOBE research encompasses many different types of scientific protocols that can be implemented by citizens and citizen groups.  The four identified in this program augment understanding of El Nino weather patterns specifically. To learn about other protocols, like water quality, mosquitos and atmospheric pressure, visit the GLOBE Web site at

What are the expectations of participation?
In order for data to be useful, it must be collected with enough consistency, frequency or for a long enough duration to give the scientists a good idea of what is occurring at the particular test site.  The more data that is collected, the more valuable the data is.

How do I sign up?
You or your organization can become a participant by completing this form that indicates your interest.  Upon submitting the form, a member of the SciStarter team will help you get set up and ready to collect and contribute data to the GLOBE database.

Who benefits from this research?
You! GLOBE enriches publicly funded scientific research with local data from around the world.  The data helps scientists test hypotheses and draw conclusions that inform public policy and decision making.

How is this program different from GLOBE?
This program provides an implementation plan and tools to facilitate ease of participation in GLOBE.  It was created in partnership with the GLOBE Implementation Office, SciStarter, and YLACES.

Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES) aims to assist and reward the implementation of inquiry-based, experiential science education where students do science and contribute to understanding of our natural world.  They accelerate your access to the tools and resources you need to become involved in citizen science through: